Data breaches are an epidemic that needs no introduction. At the same time, businesses are under tremendous pressure to extract value from data. Analytics and security are too often at cross purposes - the need for employees to analyze data is one of the major reason that data is decrypted and circulated. It is a rock and a hard place, a (false!) choice between security and missed opportunities for analytics to drive value. Bold new approaches are required to present a new path and these are bold new approaches we intend to provide.

At Capnion we are working to end data breaches forever, as well as the drag that security places on machine intelligence, by allowing companies to work with their data while it is still encrypted.  Our technology creates a harmony that can enhance multiple areas of your business - better and simpler security, enabling streamlined data governance around analytics, enabling increased productivity in the employees delivering your next generation of analytics.

Our first target is your PII: personally identifiable information.  Please take some time to learn about our understand of the problem, our product, and generally how our Ghost PII technology can keep your data safe and streamline your data governance. You can also check out our educational materials and our blog to learn more about what the important new technologies are (and are not).

You should always feel free to contact Capnion and open a conversation about how Capnion's technology can protect your business.