Below are links to a variety of documents about Capnion: about our business, technology, and why these are important.

Our principal focus has been on data collaboration issues in medicine and the following documents explain our product and value offering in more detail via some data privacy problems around inter-firm negotiation and electronic health records.

  1. Basics of Ghost PII and its data flow

  2. Virtues and comparison to existing technology

The Ghost PII data flow is unusual in some respects and below we have a variety of diagrams explaining how it typically works in a variety of use cases.

  1. Pervasive encryption

  2. Internet of Things

  3. Hotel Industry

Capnion is also committed to educating the public on these important technologies. Our team gives regular talks to a variety of audiences on emerging technologies like homomorphic encryption and zero-knowledge proof as well as how these are relevant to current events, business trends, and social issues. Links to slides for these talks, along with short descriptions of their content, are given below. (Warning: these slides were typically not intended to stand alone.)

  1. Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Blockchain

  2. Enabling Cradle-To-Grave Encryption

  3. Now We Need To Encrypt Data WHILE We Use It?

  4. Cryptography and the Data Industrial Complex

  5. Homomorphic Encryption in R