Capnion offers software and consulting services to help companies use next generation encryption to protect their data in use and keep data encrypted more often or even all through it’s lifecycle - do your analytics on your data while it is still encrypted (without decryption!)

Capnion’s unique protocol is called Ghost PII and it focuses on personally identifiable information (or PII) like name, address, etc. Replace the PII in your pipelines now with encrypted data that, like a ghost, contains some of its unique essence but lacks that tangibility to cause harm. More concretely, your data is securely encrypted yet you can still use it to link records and thus perform important backend IT tasks like ETL and entity resolution. These tasks can be performed using common tools with Capnion’s software seamlessly handling the heavy lifting behind the scenes. By way of example, you can see Capnion’s CEO Alexander Mueller doing datascience on encrypted data in the video below.

How is this accomplished?  The core of Ghost PII is a software-as-a-service API that provides you with specialized cryptographic keys for encrypting and then for linking records.  We provide open source software tools for doing the computations necessary on your end, and we're always delighted to consult with you on the optimal way to integrate this software into your existing systems.


Capnion’s technology is designed to be seamless, scalable, and very secure. It is worth spotlighting that the data flow in the above diagram involves specialized keys which can be used only for specific tasks on specific sets of data and that keys for specific datasets can be created long after encryption.

Don't wait to look back with regret on the things you could have done to protect your data and unleash your analytics -  get in touch with Capnion today to ensure you are safe going forward.