A message from Capnion's founder and CEO:

My name is Alexander Mueller and I founded Capnion as part of a personal calling to fix what I view to be an epidemic problem.  Data breaches are announced almost every week and this is in addition to those that are covered up or undiscovered - at this point, we've all had our personal information compromised.  More can be done and Capnion's mission is to develop and propagate the technological solutions that have the power to end this problem forever.

I'm a committed to evangelist for this technology and I'm always ready to educate the public on why more should be done.  If you are of like mind, if you want to learn more about how data can be protected and public confidence assured, I am always happy to speak with you.  Feel free to contact me at any time via phone or email via the information given below.  I'd love to hear from you!

Alexander C. Mueller 

Email: acmueller@capnion.com

Phone: 314 722 6473