Identity Theft Tips

We had some personal experience with identity theft here at the Capnion office today. (It looks like everything is fine.) Here are some tips beyond the obvious that were relevant in this case.

Credit Monitoring

In 2018 you MUST have this.

Pick one service you like, pay for it if you have to, and pay attention. Many of us have been involved in breaches and often the party who lost your data will offer free credit monitoring for a period of time - of course they announce this publicly. Guess when the criminals decide to take a pass at you? The day after that publicly announced credit monitoring expires. Make sure you not only have monitoring but you have a plan for ensuring continuity of your monitoring.

Credit Freezes

Put security freezes on your information with all the major credit rating agencies and leave them there. You can always unfreeze later. This is a strong measure, but it was relevant in our recent experience. Your credit monitoring service will not tell you about sketchy activity for weeks or months after the fact which is more than enough time for a criminal to make your life miserable. If you are not actively applying for credit, there is no reason your record should be unfrozen. Don’t make it convenient for someone else to apply.