Introducing the Lay Person's PII Encryption Blog

by John Senay

In my forty plus years in the computer/network/Internet industry, I have always strived to deliver enabling solutions for both business and the individual. Starting with Visicalc and ending up with CPASS with lots of interesting technologies in between. In the back of my mind I have always wanted to help the whole world, grandioso, sure, but I am determined to do it.

This is my last rodeo before I ride off into the sunset, what to do to help the world? I think I have found it, no, I know I have found it.

There is a huge problem that threatens the very core of humanity. Almost every person on earth has their Personal Identity Information, (PII) in a database(s), in plain text, exposed to the Internet. Not a day goes by that one does not hear about a database breach somewhere in the world. Clearly this IS the opportunity to help almost every human being on earth.

I have found a company that shares my vision, Capnion. I have joined Capnion as COO (Chief Old Officer). Capnion has devised a method to protect PII in every database in the world. The short description is that Capnion can keep the PII encrypted in the database at all times, but allow companies to perform the needed updates and analysis, with the PII in the encrypted state. PII is NEVER in plain text.

In the coming weeks I will discuss how Capnion accomplishes keeping PII encrypted.

Thanks for reading.

John J. Senay