Protect your data everywhere: at rest, in transit, in use, even in use by 3rd parties

by John Senay

Some good news for everybody: Capnion is proud to announce the private BETA release of Ghost PII. The goal of Ghost PII is to protect YOUR data while in use.

In the next few posts, I will give a high-level overview on how Ghost PII works and present a few application scenarios.

…So lets get started. Ghost PII actually uses a 2 step process to secure plaintext data. The first process used is called a One-Time Pad, or OTP for short. OTP was invented in 1882 by Frank Miller.  That’s right - Ghost PII is built on a process that is over 137 years old! Why? In 1949 (70 years ago!) Claude Shannon proved mathematically that OTP is unbreakable when truly random numbers are used to generate the key. Why is this important? Quantum computing is on the horizon. QC will provide unparalleled computational power that can break most existing encryption methods. These computers can run unique algorithms and their speed is increasing, with QC firm D-Wave recently announcing they had doubled the power of their previous generation of hardware.  No matter how much computational power is used, with truly random numbers, OTP is unbreakable.

How does Ghost PII generate truly random numbers? And how does Ghost PII make your encrypted data easy to work with?  (Hint: it includes an emerging technology called homomorphic encryption). Sounds like a great pair of lead-ins for another post.

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