Save the Deal!

by John Senay

The modern business development manager’s greatest frustration? The inability to share data with a customer.

You spent months looking for new prospect that could benefit from your company’s product.

Your company has used internal resources at great cost to design and provide the ultimate solution for the prospect to turn them into a high margin customer.

Both your company and your soon-to-be high margin customer see the value of the relationship and need to move forward.

Let’s get the deal done!!

To get the deal done a great amount of data needs to be shared, exchanged, and tracked between your company and the new customer.  To complicate the work flow, the high-margin customer has stated that for the deal to work, certain data has to be shared with 3 different partners in the supply chain with accompanying security and compliance issues.

The above scenario is all too familiar to the business development manager.  In this day and age, business to business sales are complicated by the requirements of sharing of data.  What information do your partners have to have access to?  And who is going to control what, where, and how the 3 different partners use the data?

This situation is becoming the norm for contract acceptance and completion.   

To get the contract signed the someone has to find a way to provide the data needed for the contract terms.   

Is there a way to provide the required data in a safe, secure manner for all parties involved in the contract that all the companies IT groups can agree upon?

Yes there is!!

Capnion has a suite of cutting-edge encrypted data-in-use tools that allows specific, agreed upon data to be exchanged with all parties involved.   Using our specially generated Answer Keys the appropriate parties can verify or analyze specific data without any need of decrypting it.  At no time does the data ever need to be in plaintext!

Please contact for more information on how to meet contract clause for data sharing obligations.

Get that deal signed today!!

Thanks for reading.